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"Great newsletter—love it! It's good to know that the authors of the summaries share similar values and are deeply interested in the topics—unlike mass productions like Blinkist, etc."— Robert, USA

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You'll get access to an ever-growing library of detailed and actionable book breakdowns. Here you'll be able to absorb the biggest ideas and most powerful concepts from ancient sages, best-selling authors, and lesser-known geniuses.There are already 100 expertly crafted summaries in the library and you'll receive 4 new book breakdowns every month (1 per week) to keep your mind nourished with novel ideas and inspiration.These are not just simple summaries. They are densely packed with key ideas to understand the core thrust of the book, action steps to implement important lessons, and curated insights to dive deeper into the author's thinking.

Here are just some of the titles already waiting for you:

  • The Laws of Human Nature, by Robert Greene

  • Atomic Habits, by James Clear

  • Anger and Forgiveness, by Martha Nussbaum

  • The Book, by Alan Watts

  • The Stoic Challenge, by William B. Irvine

  • Be Here Now, by Ram Dass

  • Can't Hurt Me, by David Goggins

  • Limitless, by Jim Kwik

  • Stillness is the Key, by Ryan Holiday

  • Self-Compassion, by Kristin Neff

  • And more!

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This premium newsletter is specifically designed to help you take what you learn and apply those insights to your life in a way that makes a meaningful, positively transformational difference over time.Unfortunately, so many people today just mindlessly play podcasts in the background of their lives, breeze through books without ever engaging with them, and scroll through articles without ever applying the teachings within them.Tragically, they treat this time as a form of procrastination in which they gain a feeling that they're moving forward, when really they're only playing mental gymnastics around possibilities they could pursue, without ever taking any substantial action. Don't let that happen to you!This newsletter curates uncommon ideas and high-velocity concepts you can implement immediately to improve the quality of your life and your moment-to-moment well-being.You'll be given strategies and advice on how to introduce them to your life in a seamless fashion while being exposed to novel principles that most people have never heard of before.This is NOT a repository for cliches or overshared quotes. It's a space to discover the works of brilliant minds who have already grappled with - and answered - some of life's most difficult questions.

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